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Introducing myself!
« on: 11 May, 2010, 02:04:07 PM »
Hello fellow roboticists!
My name is Peter and I am a 22 year old studying a BSC Robotics degree at Bristol UWE (University of the West of England). If I pass my exams this year, which I am currently undertaking, I shall be starting a rather substantial micromouse project this summer to be completed by a similar time next year.

I can program in C to an intermediate level, I can cope with electronics and digital systems and design, have been introduced AI and have of course studied Robotics in general. I figured joining this forum would give me an invaluable source of information concerning the particular practice of mircomouse engineering and an oppurtunity to share and learn many new things concerning my degree.

What I have accomplished so far:

We have only made a couple of basic robots in the past and mainly using the Lego Mindstorms kit and a programmable board called an Arduino. First was a hexapod which was purely reactive, so crossed a 2m stretch in minimal time then stopped before colliding with the wall. Next was a deliberative design which followed a line, avoided an obstacle blocking the line, finding the line again then stopping at the end of the line, at the end giving a measurement of distance travelled. This had to be done using some self-made sensors such as coupled LEDs and LDRs and some sensors supplied like SRF (sharp range finder) and ultrasonic.

For our programming in C module produced a C source file that would demonstrate the use of an AI subsumption architecture with various tasks to control a robotics buggy: follow a line, follow light, retrace path and joystick control.

In Practical Electronics we had two major products one to produce an audio amplifier circuit, to be soldered on to a PCB and a battery powered 6xwhite LED torch using a boost converter. In digital design we used PICs in assembler and some C and PLDs (programmable logic devices) and have studied logic and AC waveforms in a lot of depth. Anyway I think thats it!


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Introducing myself!
« on: 11 May, 2010, 02:04:07 PM »